Tamar Bible Study – How do you relate to the Bad Guys?

Judah & Tamar. Er and Bathshua. Well, now that we’ve had time to digest this incredible story of how God provided for the future let’s back track a bit. We’ve all expressed how we somehow relate to and understand Tamar’s plight. But, what about the bad guys in this story? How do each of us relate on some level to Judah, Tamar’s mother-in-law, and gasp! even Er?

My answers below:

Judah: Judah and his brothers sold their baby brother into slavery! so, it’s safe to say he was running around with a very guilty conscience. Judah was haunted by what he and his brothers did to Joseph. “Help me, brothers! Help me!” seemed to be forever embedded in his mind. I know how it feels to want to do something over to make things right. Judah felt doomed.

Bathshua: Yeah, she’s a monster-in-law all right but God used her to give Tamar tenacity and the capacity to love the unlovable. For sure Bathshua is the poster girl for constant complaining and discontent, yet she’s far from alone. If that’s what complaining sounds like, even slightly, then I’ve gotta plug into the Lord more: Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Er: A difficult man. A mean guy. So mean in fact God had to put an end to him, which was sad for Bathshua and kept that cycle going. I wonder what would’ve turned this man toward God?

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Tamar unveiled

Anyone who’s walked down the aisle wearing a veil can hardly wait to flip that cloth and come out from the shadows. As we just read in Francine Rivers’ “Unveiled,” Tamar of Genesis 38 had to veil-up to receive her “I do” from her reluctant father-in-law. What, you say?

Tamar’s tale is so complicated we’ve gotta dive in now to see what we can learn from what we’ve just read.

First, I’d like to see what each of you thought of Tamar’s plight. What leapt out and grabbed you most?

For me, it was how Tamar’s life seemed to IM me to believe that there’s always a way out and a way back in. And sometimes we must lay low and pray and believe after we’ve done our part. That’s the most important take away for me: To do my part. Not to just sit there and let life pass me by.

Your turn!

And then after each of you gives Tamar a voice, I’ll be posting the Bible study.


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